Why do watches always show 10:10 in ads?

Why do watches always show 10:10 in ads?

12 nov 2010, Posted by webadmin in Blog

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Why do brand watches always show 10:10 in ads?

The answer is quite simple and obvious: aesthetics. There are a number of visual advantages to having the hands set at the 10:10 positions.

1. This position allows the hands to look nice on the face of the timepiece. The 10:10 position is symmetrical, and the human brain tends to appreciate symmetry and orderliness.

2. The key details on the face of the watch usually remain visible at 10:10. The logo of the company is usually found under the 12, and sometimes next to the 3-, 6-, and 9-o’-clock positions. Brand logos found under the 12 are nicely framed by 10:10 hands.

3. The 10:10 hands look “happy” due to the fact that the hands look like a smile (or like a “V” as in “victory”).